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I’m teaching three undergraduate and seminary courses this winter:

  • Leadership of Urban Ministry, an in-person winter intensive at Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary,
  • Leadership and Management of Urban Youth Ministry, a distance course at Fuller Seminary, and
  • Introduction to Urban Youth Ministry, an undergraduate online course via City Vision College.

You can register for the City Vision College course online here.

Course 330 – UYM101: Introduction to Urban Youth Ministry (3 credits)

This course is offered during the Spring 1 Term  – (January to February)

Professor: Jeremy Del Rio

Course Description
This course introduces students to the theory and practice of holistic youth development in an increasingly interconnected, open-sourced, urban world. Students will be equipped to develop asset-based, student-led, contextually relevant, culturally engaging, transformational relationships with young people. Special emphasis will be placed on issues of multiculturalism, urban poverty, and educational inequity.

Course Objectives

  • Empower students to lead holistic youth development in their respective communities.
  • Introduce students to the ideas and principles of community youth development.
  • Create a framework for nurturing authentic student leadership.
  • Provide tools for asset-based youth development, accessing community resources, and transformational mentoring.
  • Explore the cultural context and implications of the first generation to grow up online.
  • Explore the influence of Hip Hop on cities, pop culture, and youth development.
  • Explore the implications of digital media for youth development strategies.

Weekly Topics

  1. Foundations of Community Youth Development
  2. Empowering Authentic (Student-Led) Student Leadership
  3. Holistic Strategies: Introducing 40 Developmental Assets
  4. Sustainable Supports: Cultivating Community Assets
  5. Beyond Service: Restoring Justice to Youth Development
  6. Developing Leaders on your Team: Mentoring Matters
  7. Cultural Remix: Engaging the Hip Hop Generation
  8. The Generation Changing the World

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