Del Rio Inc. proudly welcomes Young Life Metro New York to its family of clients as of October 1.

Young Life Metro New York has retained Jeremy Del Rio to establish two models of a customized approach to working with schools and communities in New York City that revolves around improving educational outcomes for students based on the School Engagement Paradigm of 20/20 Vision for Schools. Young Life wants to establish that their presence on middle or high school campuses meets felt needs and improves students’ college and career readiness, thereby creating demand for Young Life in community school districts throughout New York City. 

Specific school engagement strategies may include programs that are primarily academic, sports/arts/music, mentoring, or job training in nature. Specific programs for a given school will be shaped with consideration for: the felt needs of the school, the particular skills and gifting of the lead Young Life staff member on the ground, and the capacities of partnering community stakeholders.

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