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  • Archive for October 12th, 2007

    Blogging from CCDA one last time

    Friday, October 12th, 2007

    SHOW ME JESUS Dr. Cheryl Sanders (Third Street Church of God; Professor, Howard University) “Show me Jesus.” Who are we looking for and where does he show up? The Urban Ministry of Jesus Matthew 9:35-38 His Mission ……….…… Method + Teaching …………….. + Observation + Preaching ……………. + Compassion + Healing ………………. + Reflection ………………………….. [...]

    More CCDA blogging

    Friday, October 12th, 2007

    What if the Amish ran homeland security? Shane Claiborne, Friday night greeting We don’t have to wait for Congress to tell us how to treat immigrants. The Bible already teaches us that. What if the Amish ran Homeland Security? When a terrorist shot up an Amish school, they showered the murderer’s family with love and [...]

    As Facebook takes off, MySpace strikes back

    Friday, October 12th, 2007

    “It’s easy to dismiss MySpace, with its unruly graphics, clunky navigation, and general sense of chaos. But the masses love it. MySpace is the most trafficked website in the U.S.: It registered 45 billion page views in July, according to comScore Media Metrix. Another research firm, Compete.com, calculates that Americans spend about 12% of all [...]

    A workshop by any other name…

    Friday, October 12th, 2007

    FYI: to all the CCDA “Webspace” attendees: The “Webspace: Relocation when the Neighborhood Moves Online” workshop has the same content as “Mooks, Midriffs, Myspace & More: Engaging a Plugged-in Generation.” Download the powerpoint and source material here.rate 2007 interest student loan federalinterest loan rates 2007 federal studentloan mo 4 6 paydaycity payday star loan 4 [...]

    Friday Foto Finish

    Friday, October 12th, 2007

    CCDA 2006 Philadelphia Relive last year’s CCDA conference while I’m enjoying this year’s. CCDA 2006 Slideshow – Pt 2Add to My Profile | More Videos