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    By Jeremy | April 22, 2009


    Genxcel's items tagged with cyrus More of Genxcel's stuff tagged with cyrus

    Several friends have asked recently for photography tips. Below is a primer I sent to one via FaceBook. Discount LASIX, She asked what kind of equipment I use and how to capture crisp images in low-light, indoor situations.


    I have a Canon 20D SLR camera (which is an old digital SLR model; the 40D and 50D are newer) and several lenses of varying quality, LASIX no prescription.

    There are 6 major ways to affect lighting.

    1) Existing light sources, BUY LASIX OVER THE COUNTER. Where can i cheapest LASIX online, This may seem too obvious to mention, but too many photos suggest lots of people never really consider it when taking images. Light casts shadows, kjøpe LASIX på nett, köpa LASIX online, and depending on where the light source is in relation to the subject being photographed the shadows can obscure the subject. Low dose LASIX, 2) Your camera's built-in ISO options. Generally the higher the ISO (800, 1600, buy LASIX without a prescription, 3200) the better for low light situations or high-speed subjects (like sporting events). BUY LASIX OVER THE COUNTER, The downside to high ISO is the images are more grainy and less crisp. Buy cheap LASIX, But it's possible to shoot without any flash using a high speed ISO. For outdoor pictures use lower ISOs (100 if a sunny day, 200 if overcast, LASIX trusted pharmacy reviews, 400 if very shadowy). Where can i order LASIX without prescription, 3) Artificial light sources (i.e. flash). Generally built-in flashes tend to be harsh light projected at low range, so I try to avoid using them, LASIX steet value. Detachable flashes can usually project further, and are also adjustable, meaning you can bounce the light off a wall or ceiling or some other surface to create a softer light effect, BUY LASIX OVER THE COUNTER.

    4) The aperture (or f-stop) on a lens. Fast shipping LASIX, On an SLR camera, you can control the aperture using the AV or M dial options (AV allows you to control aperture only. M allows control of aperture and shutter speed), LASIX use. This in my experience is the most important variable in low-light situations. BUY LASIX OVER THE COUNTER, Basically aperture tells you how big the eye of the lens is. LASIX pharmacy, The larger the aperture, the more light the lens absorbs. The lower the f-stop, buy LASIX without prescription, the bigger the aperture and the better the lens for low-light photography. LASIX blogs, I have two lenses I use indoors, a 55/f1.8 and a 17-50/f2.8. The pictures in the Goofy album were taken with the 17-55/f2.8 lens, where can i buy cheapest LASIX online. High speed lenses can get very expensive, but Tamron and others makes quality, Canon compatible lenses that tend to be more affordable, BUY LASIX OVER THE COUNTER. My 2.8 is a Tamron Lens. Buy LASIX from canada, (The other thing f-stop does is measure the focal point of the image, allowing for some cool effects like blurring the background and making the subject pop.) (I also have an all-purpose 75-300/f4-5.6 zoom lens.)

    5) The lens' shutter speed, which is controlled using the M or TV options, LASIX for sale. The shutter speed indicates how long the lens stays open. Generic LASIX, The higher the shutter speed, the quicker the lens closes and the less light it absorbs. BUY LASIX OVER THE COUNTER, The lower the speed, the longer it's open and the more light it absorbs. In bright light situations, LASIX results, you need a super fast shutter, Where to buy LASIX, and in low light the shutter has to stay open longer. The challenge with low shutter speeds is if the camera is not still, the image will blur, LASIX recreational. Generally, LASIX over the counter, the shutter speed is standard no matter how expensive the lens; lens prices are effected mostly by aperture and added features like image stabilization technology (which compensates for camera movement), lens construction, etc, LASIX treatment.

    6) Computer software. You can dramatically improve digital images on a computer using basic software like iPhoto (for Macs, which I use) or even the standard software that comes with a camera, BUY LASIX OVER THE COUNTER. LASIX used for, Pros tend to use more costly software light Darkroom or PhotoShop, but for amateurs like us the basic software is generally fine.

    FYI, LASIX without a prescription, if you're interested, Where can i buy LASIX online, I have almost 12K photos on my Flickr account. (Yes, this is a pretty serious hobby for me, after LASIX. Heh.) Flickr allows you to see the camera settings for each image (ISO, Buying LASIX online over the counter, f-stop, shutter speed, ISO), LASIX cost, so you can compare. My friend BUY LASIX OVER THE COUNTER, taught himself photography basics in part by studying other people's images on Flickr. Buy cheap LASIX no rx,

    Foto Fun

    Beyond lighting and equipment issues, here are three additional tips.

    A) Framing the Image. It always amazes me to see pictures filled with stuff that's totally unrelated to the subject, cheap LASIX. Treat the viewfinder as a picture frame; everything inside that frame will either enhance or detract from the subject. Buy LASIX no prescription, If it's a distraction (empty floor space, decapitated body, a tree growing out of the person's head) get rid of it by changing the camera angle, purchase LASIX online no prescription, elevating or lowering the camera, Online LASIX without a prescription, physically moving closer, flipping the camera from horizontal to vertical, or adjusting the zoom. Also, place the subject in an interesting part of the frame; often a centered subject makes for a less interesting photo, BUY LASIX OVER THE COUNTER. Instead place the person to one side, or at one corner, to allow for a creative background.

    B) Learn from Presets. For beginners, take advantage of camera presets, then learn from the image "Info" what those settings are. Later, manually deviate from the presets to experiment with how different settings affect the same image.

    C) Experiment. With digital photography you can take thousands of pictures at no added cost. Experiment with different settings, framing techniques, lighting affects, etc to discover and develop your own style.

    Hope this helps.

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